Deck Refinishing in Bend or Redmond, Oregon is no easy task. If maintenance is not kept up, you may find yourself with a very sad deck, very fast. Depending on a number of factors (including the type of wood the deck is made of, current coatings we need to remove, and ease of access), we will select products and materials that will get the job finished with the result you desire. We follow a strict 6-step system that is the same for every deck we refinish. The variables lie in the labor and materials needed each step of the way. Here is a breakdown of how we refinish a deck.

REPAIR – First things first. If we find any damage, we will make recommendations and proceed however you would like us to. We drive any loose nails and secure unstable deck boards with screws. Any visible damage such as dry rot, splintering will be noted in the proposal and remedied during this initial phase.
CLEAN – We only use low-pressure when we clean your deck to ensure that it is not damaged.  This step removes dirt and other surface contaminants which interfere with the adhesion of the coatings we apply.
STRIP – Previous coatings need to be removed completely in order for your new stain to last as long as possible. We only use professional grade strippers specially crafted for wood decks.
BRIGHTEN – This step is important for a number of reasons. First, it makes the wood more receptive to the stain. Second, the wood is brightened closer to it’s natural color. This gives us a great starting point for any stain you choose to stain your deck with.
SAND – The entire deck surface (and railings if appicable) is sanded, or “defurred,” to remove the fuzziness that results after the previous steps. Any discoloration and rough spots which aren’t taken out by the brightener will be sanded at this point. In extreme instances, the railings will need to be disassembled and reassembled.
STAIN – Only the highest quality exterior-grade stains are used in our deck care systems. We can help you select a color that will complement your fresh paint and surrounding features or apply a color you’ve already chosen.

Once you have successfully stained your deck, you will need to maintain the coating. Here are a few things you can do to extend the life of your newly applied deck stain!

  • Annually clean dirt and debris from between the deck boards. This will reduce the effect it has on deteriorating your deck finish.
  • Annually pressure wash (again, on a low setting!) your deck to get rid of any spilled BBQ sauce from last summer. Surface stains can do more than just “look bad.” They can actually eat away at your deck finish if left over time.
  • Tighten loose boards with screws. Screws wont back out like nails.

Now crank up the heat on your BBQ, pour yourself a Mojito, and enjoy the company you invited over for a very pleasant summer’s eve on your beautiful new deck.


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