Interior Design Trends: Which Paint Colors Will Be Popular in 2018?

Interior Design Trends: Popular Paint Colors for 2018

Want to keep your home up to date and trendy? Check out this article to find out which colors reign most popular in the interior design trends for 2018.

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This year’s trendy paint colors are following the trends of fashion, home design, and decor. Across the genres, there is one popular theme in common–nature.

In 2017 we saw the rise of Bohemian and nature-inspired trends. In 2018, they have made their way into the world of interior design trends.

Within this year’s most trendy paint colors, you will find tones inspired by nature and indigenous cultures.

Dark, tranquil colors that have stress-reducing effects are also big this year. They pair nicely with the natural tones.

Keep reading to learn more about this year’s hottest paint colors and how to use them for your home.

Nature-Inspired Shades

From the ocean to the sky, this year’s interior design trends are all about the earth.

Marine Tones

Many of 2018’s popular shades reflect the mixtures of greens and blues from the ocean and pools.

Behr’s color of the year, In the Moment, is a soft, calming light blue with just enough lush green to give it a coastal tone. It is so light that it works as a neutral in the home.

In the Moment is the perfect color for a cottage kitchen, woody dining room, or the bedroom. It pairs best with other neutrals, particularly browns, grays, and white.

Oceanside is Sherwin-Williams’ color of the year. It is quite the opposite of In the Moment. This color is a bold and rich mixture of green and blue. It is much closer to blue, however.

The color brings energy to the room and highlights furniture and decor. It works as an accent color but it also can pull off an entire room.

Green Hour is Dunn-Edwards’ color of the year. And who would have guessed– it’s another oceanic tone. Similar to a darker, greener teal, it is strong while tranquil.

The last marine color is Water .06 by Colorhouse. The color is more green than blue with some gray. It reminds us of Caribbean waters. It is fun, soft, and looks great in bathrooms and bedrooms.

More from the Sea

The interior design trends of 2018 don’t stop at the water. They are also inspired by other aspects of the sea, including the sand, plants, and pearls.

Pearl Gray by Sherwin Williams is a beautiful green-gray tone. Its softness is peaceful and versatile. This color would work in any room of your home and can be used as neutral.

Bahia Grass and Plume Grass are almost identical. Their colors are a mixture of soft green, gray, and brown and resemble the grasses found in front of sand dunes (hence the name). The color is so relaxing it has you wishing for the beach.

Up to the Sky

Talk about calming and airy. Atmospheric Pressure is Diamond Vogel’s color of the year, and it is everything you need for a soothing but cheerful feel.

Its unique cloudy blue tone allows it to work for home styles beyond coastal and cottage. It also pairs well with virtually any other color.

Heron by Pratt and Lambert is the color of a midnight blue sky. It is comforting while sophisticated and a perfect bedroom or family room choice.

Another nice neutral inspired by the atmosphere is Air .07 by Colorhouse. It is a light lavender tone that works great as a neutral. It is delicate, calming, and clean.

Down to Earth

Two popular colors this year are inspired by the earth.

Heart Wood is a pinkish clay color that combines well with other woody browns. It is unexpectedly calming while bringing warmth to the room.

Cavern Clay is similar but has a darker tone, possibly more red (clay) than Heart Wood. It takes on an adobe feel and brings culture, warmth, and flair to a room. This color matches great with other nature-inspired or indigenous shades.

Dark and Tranquil

In a world of stress and chaos, it is more important than ever to create a stress-reducing and calming environment in our home. Especially since 1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep.

Sleep studies show that dark cool shades lower the heart rate and blood pressure. These relaxing colors such as grays, silvers, and neutrals make a room feel more calm and soothing.

Despite the name, Black Magic is a matte dark gray that is smooth and elegant. Its dark tone gives comfort and peace.

Deep Onyx is a black shade that screams daring but classy. It is a great color for an accent wall and pairs well with lighter neutrals.

Black Flame by Pittsburgh Paints is a deep royal purple fit for a king. Use it in entertaining rooms to make a statement and highlight artistic decor or furniture.

Another color inspired by nature’s elements is Metal .05 by Colorhouse. This tone is a graphite gray that is both strong and subtle.

Incense Stick is another dark shade that brings coziness to a room with its cool wooden tone. Wood has always been associated with cozy. Incense Stick is a great accent color and will give that trendy Bohemian vibe.

Bohemian and Indigenous

The colors above can be used to create the interior design trends that resemble colors of folklore, primitive cultures, and adventure.

Mix the oceanic tones and organic browns with vibrant colors such as yellow and red.

Red, specifically Caliente, has made a comeback this year. Adding this will liven up a room adding fun and personality.

The vibrant mustard yellow color, Life is Good, is another Boho tone that is trending this year. It may be just what your room needs to add some cheer.

Get Started with Your Favorite Interior Design Trends

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